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Maybe you and your partner are all in...except when you argue, which seems to be too much of the time. 

Maybe you keep backing away from that big dream you want with all your heart.

Maybe you're ready for big love but feel too burned out from the last break-up to try.

Whatever you deeply desire -- if you knew how to make it happen, you'd already be doing it, wouldn't you? 

Get the support you deserve.

Welcome to coaching that goes deep, that meets you where you are, that gives you practical tools while also freeing you from the unconscious gunk that keeps you stuck.

Meet Maggie

Relationship & Life Coach

I'm Maggie, and I have dedicated the last two decades to helping people create secure relationships within themselves and within their intimate partnerships.


Some people think that security will make us complacent, but it actually makes us braver, more open-hearted, and more growth-oriented. My approach blends the best of psychology -- particularly relationship science and attachment theory -- along with cutting edge brain-based technologies that dissolve unconscious blocks holding you back from your growth and development. 


Work With Me


  • Develop a Strong, Resilient Relationship with Yourself 

  • Heal Trust Issues with Others by Learning to Finally Trust Yourself 

  • Overcome Self-Defeating Stories & Beliefs that Keep You from Having the Relationships, Career, & Life You Desire


  • Learn How to Handle Conflict More Effectively

  • Transform Attachment Issues Through Relationship

  • Prepare Mindfully for Marriage or Long-Term Commitment


  • Connect with Other Growth-Oriented Couples

  • Learn Cutting-Edge Relationship Skills

  • Work Together to Discover and Live By the Values that Drive Your Relationship

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If you want to create more intimacy, depth, and vulnerability in all your relationships -- including family, friends, coworkers, and most importantly, your relationship with yourself --

the time is now. Begin your journey today.

"With Maggie's knowledge and guidance, my partner and I have been able to show each other more understanding and kindness. She has been extremely warm, patient and knowledgeable throughout all of our sessions. She creates a safe environment that allows us to be emotionally vulnerable that facilitates our healing and growth. Her dedication to helping us develop the tools needed to navigate difficult situations has been very beneficial to our relationship."

- J.L., relationship coaching client

"Things have actually been going really good! I’ve been using your suggestions and holding my boundaries and it’s been working. I’ve been able to say what I want and not spiral into a huge fight or worry over my relationship they way I was before. Thanks for all of your help!"

- C.G., relationship coaching client

"Maggie has not only helped me reframe the meaning of self-care, but has helped me put it into practice — and when I fall off the bandwagon, she has been there to help me understand why, dig deeper, welcome the thoughts and the emotions, and restart. She does this with unparalleled compassion, without judgement, and always — with patience. She listens intently, engages in meaningful discussion and always keeps me in the driver’s seat."

- A.R., personal life coaching client