Maggie Hollinbeck, M.A.
Integrative Coach & Healer

Maggie combines decades of experience and training in various somatic, psychological, spiritual, and energetic healing modalities, weaving them into a practice that’s all about you getting guidance, clarity, direction and support for whatever part of your path you’re traversing. 


She works with issues ranging from relationship concerns to career shifts and financial hurdles; health challenges to personal growth & development.


"I was so fortunate to find Maggie Hollinbeck when I was looking specifically for someone who works with the Brainspotting technique. A therapist friend of mine had suggested I try brainspotting to work through some childhood trauma. I had been in traditional therapy before but had never even heard of brainspotting, but was eager to give it a try. I don’t have a lot of memories from childhood so I was especially interested in trying a technique that works with information that may be outside the conscious mind. I am so impressed with this technique and especially with working with Maggie as a facilitator. Each therapy session brought new discoveries and understandings of how my current behaviors, beliefs and attitudes were connect to events from the past. When I began working with Maggie I had a couple issues I wanted to address and I was able to make more progress in a few months working with Maggie than I ever could have imagined possible based on my prior experience with more traditional ‘talk’ therapies. I felt completely at ease working with Maggie right from day one and she did a great job of teaching me, guiding me and helping me develop a deeper understanding of who I am and internalize approaches to self-care and healing." ~ AM
“Maggie is a therapeutic, intuitive sage! Not only is she able to listen and share professional wisdom for what you’re processing, but her ability to venture deeper into your needs is simply remarkable. I was uplifted and given positive insights to carry with me into my current discords and decision making. A must do for anyone seeking guidance in their personal work and beyond! “ ~ CK
"Maggie has such a gentle and soothing manner. In our healing sessions, she quietly tunes in and then reflects back intuitive insights about my situation that I hadn’t considered before. She has this ability to calm my whole nervous system and bring me new clarity about next steps. And her guidance has been spot on." ~ SG
" an unusually sensitive, astute observer of personality and emotion.  I felt that she really cared about my soul's journey and my growth. I know I will be a repeat customer and will highly recommend her work." ~ SK

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Maggie Hollinbeck, M.A.

Tending the Soul

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