Maggie Hollinbeck, M.A.
Integrative Counseling, Coaching & Healing

Maggie combines decades of experience and training in various somatic, psychological, spiritual, and energetic healing modalities, weaving them into a practice that’s all about you getting guidance, clarity, direction and support for whatever part of your path you’re traversing. 


She works with issues ranging from relationship concerns to career shifts and financial hurdles; health challenges to personal growth & development.


"Maggie has an innate gift for healing.  You are instantly put at ease in Maggie’s presence and she creates an environment of safety and openness.  She is authentic, intuitive, and FUN!  I left my session feeling renewed and utterly inspired. Thank you, Maggie!" ~ TS
"You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. I love that you actually gave me a rational and precise solution that I haven't been able to get from anyone could gauge the power in myself that I feel I haven't seen anyone acknowledge." ~ MI
“Maggie is a therapeutic, intuitive sage! Not only is she able to listen and share professional wisdom for what you’re processing, but her ability to venture deeper into your needs is simply remarkable. I was uplifted and given positive insights to carry with me into my current discords and decision making. A must do for anyone seeking guidance in their personal work and beyond! “ ~ CK
"Maggie has such a gentle and soothing manner. In our healing sessions, she quietly tunes in and then reflects back intuitive insights about my situation that I hadn’t considered before. She has this ability to calm my whole nervous system and bring me new clarity about next steps. And her guidance has been spot on." ~ SG
" an unusually sensitive, astute observer of personality and emotion.  I felt that she really cared about my soul's journey and my growth. I know I will be a repeat customer and will highly recommend her work." ~ SK

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