About Maggie

I bring over 20 years of passion, training and experience as a trauma specialist to this work. My own trauma history has given me a voracious appetite for learning all I can about how we heal, and a desire to share what I've learned with as many people as I can to ease the suffering in the world. Although first trained as a psychotherapist, over time I found myself feeling more and more limited by the field of psychotherapy as I grew to understand how trauma is held in the body, the deep brain, and the body's energy system. I've trained and studied across many disciplines and fields.


Neuro-Integrative Trauma Recovery is the result of my decades of study and practice. It includes a variety of tools and practices that I have rigorously used in my own healing journey, and have used with great success over thousands of client hours. It's a comprehensive system of recovery, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

I'm a multi-passionate person: in addition to coaching, I nurture a thriving career as a professional actress & musician. I'm grateful to be able to perform all over the country while maintaining my coaching practice virtually from wherever I am. In my spare time I love to wander the woods, flex my domestic goddess skills in the kitchen and garden, and cuddle with the biggest dogs I can find. (That one over there is Henry, who lives in Sacramento with my friend and music partner, Graham!)


Black Lives Matter. I am an ally, doing my own work to dismantle internalized systemic racism.

I am also an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community.

You are loved.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

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My Philosophy
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I believe you are already perfect and whole, as you are, and any doubt you may have about that comes from traumas or other obstacles that muddy your perception of who you really are.

I believe my primary responsibility is to hold a space for you to contact the the innate wisdom you have within you, the force that knows your perfection and wholeness and guides you to remember it.

I believe that the 5% of your brain that you have conscious access to is literally almost nothing compared to the 95% of your brain that is below your conscious awareness. That 95% is what we tap into when we use integrative therapies such as Brainspotting and EFT. Using ancient and modern technologies, you can peer into that deep well of wisdom and get clarity on that which you think you don't know.

My Training
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Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology

Antioch University, Los Angeles (2004)

Deep Transformational Coach

Center for Transformational Coaching (2021)

Training & Experience

Certified Brainspotting practitioner

Licensed in Marriage & Family Therapy since 2005

Master level training in Usui Reiki

Trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Trained in Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath

Trained in Gottman Method, Level 1

Trained in Esoteric Healing, Level 1 & 2

Personal Growth & Development

Vedic meditation practitioner since 2019

Completed the Landmark Forum & Advanced Course

Former teacher/trainer in Advanced Integrative Therapy

Student & practitioner of Yoga and Ayurveda since 2004