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My Philosophy

I believe you are already perfect and whole, as you are, and any doubt you may have about that comes from traumas or other obstacles that muddy your perception of who you really are.

I believe that the 5% of your brain that you have conscious access to is literally almost nothing compared to the 95% of your brain that is below your conscious awareness. That 95% is what we tap into when we use the intuitive healing arts. Using ancient and modern technologies, you can peer into that deep well of wisdom and get clarity on that which you think you don't know.

I believe that we can be influenced by things well beyond our ken. The sins of the father can absolutely be visited upon the son. When someone really doesn't feel like themselves for an extended period of time, it's quite possible that they aren't. A creepy-feeling house probably feels that way for a reason. I believe in the invisible, and I believe that with the right tools the invisible realms can help us make things right in the visible realms. 

I bring over 20 years of training and experience as a healer and intuitive to my work. Although I first trained as a psychotherapist, I quickly grew disenchanted with the limitations of traditional talk therapy and expanded my skills and knowledge to include a host of healing modalities, most of them with a spiritual, somatic, and/or energetic component. My fascination with the invisible realms in healing have led to training in Depth Psychology, Energy Medicine, Brainspotting, Family Constellation Work, Reiki, Dowsing, and Tarot. I weave these various modalities and traditions into a body of work called Tending the Soul.

I am also an actress & musician based in Brooklyn, New York. In my spare time I love to wander the woods, write poetry, and cuddle with the biggest dogs I can find.

My Training
Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology

Antioch University, Los Angeles

Trauma Healing Specialist

Certified Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner (EFT-CC)

Family Constellations Work, 10+ years training & experience

Brainspotting practitioner, Phase 1

Advanced Integrative Therapy, former teacher/trainer

Usui Reiki Master

Casandra MacAlan, master teacher

Ordained Minister

Universal Life Church

Intuitive Tarot Practitioner

Erin Reese, M.A., master teacher

Dowsing Practitioner

Sven Carlson & Susan Gash, master teachers

“Maggie is a therapeutic, intuitive sage! Not only is she able to listen and share professional wisdom for what you’re processing, but her ability to use tarot to venture deeper into your needs is simply remarkable. I was uplifted and given positive insights to carry with me into my current discords and decision making. A must do for anyone seeking metaphysical guidance in their personal work and beyond! “ ~ Claire, New York

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Maggie Hollinbeck, M.A.

Tending the Soul

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