Brainspotting is a gentle, powerfully effective tool that can help you overcome self-defeating thoughts and beliefs that hold you back from having the life you desire. 

What is Brainspotting?

Brainspotting is a brain-based tool that allows us to access, process, and clear difficult emotions, memories, thoughts, and beliefs that are causing pain and difficulty now.

It works with the deep brain and the body through its direct access to the autonomic and limbic systems within the body’s central nervous system. Brainspotting is accordingly a physiological tool which has profound psychological, emotional, and physical consequences.

Brainspotting can a powerful shortcut in the coaching process, bringing about change more quickly and easily than ever before. 

I utilize Brainspotting not as a therapy technique, but an adjunct to coaching. This work is appropriate for clients who have good external support and adequate internal resources to benefit from this modality. Those in need of therapy will be referred to an appropriate professional.

Image by Charlie Firth
Image by Jayson Hinrichsen

When would you use Brainspotting with a coaching client?

As a trauma-informed coach, I can support you in letting go of past experiences that are getting in your way now.


"We can be having a calm discussion and all of a sudden she's said something and I just see red. I have a hard time calming down after that, and neither of us really knows what happened."

"Business is booming, but I still feel like it's going to fall apart like my dad's business did. Am I allowed to be more successful than he was?"

"I know he's faithful and committed, but sometimes I can't stop thinking about finding my ex in bed with another woman and it's like it's happening all over again."

"I get so excited about my new podcast, but when it comes time to publish an episode I start to panic. It feels like I'm going to be laughed out of town. Everyone has loved the other episodes, but I can't shake the feeling."

Rather than talking about the problem, Brainspotting can clear it quickly so you can keep moving toward whatever it is that you're creating in your life.