I work with couples and individuals who want to grow and develop themselves inside the context of relationship. There's a widely-held belief that people have to heal their personal issues before they can be ready for a fulfilling long-term relationship. I disagree. In fact, I strongly believe that there are certain wounds we carry, that we can only heal inside of relationship. Relationship is a path that transforms us from the inside out, if we let it.

Coaching with

Most couples come to coaching with the same goals: fight less, love more. I want more for you. I want you to have a secure home in each other, where you can weather the storms of life together and even let the storms grow you.

Conflict is nothing to shy away from. In fact, avoiding conflict creates more conflict! I teach couples how to manage inevitable conflicts more effectively -- to listen deeply, speak responsibly, soothe each other's hurt parts, and get full resolution. Conflict done well can actually create intimacy and connection. You grow to trust that your relationship is resilient and secure. 

I work with committed monogamous couples of any gender combination. 

Couple's Portrait
Image by Brooke Cagle

Coaching with Individuals

Individuals can benefit greatly from relationship-focused coaching. Maybe your partner isn't open to coaching right now but you want to learn ways to navigate conflict more effectively. Maybe you've just endured another break-up and want to learn how to do relationship better next time. Maybe you've lost faith in love and need to recover from breakup burnout.

I also work with individuals on a variety of personal issues, ranging from burnout recovery/prevention to career transition, from self-confidence to public speaking and performance anxiety. 

My approach is to help you transform your relationship with yourself, first and foremost. More self-compassion leads to better self-care, which creates more self-confidence and increases self-trust over time. Imagine how your relationships, career, and life could be with such a secure base inside of yourself!