Family Constellations Work


Family Constellations Work is a blend of trauma treatment and shamanic healing that can trace current issues back to originating traumas in your family history. This is called trans-generational trauma, and because families are connected on a soul level, these ancestral traumas can become entangled with later generations, causing difficulties that can't be addressed or resolved through traditional talk therapy because the problem's roots do not exist on the cognitive level, and do not originate with the client.

Constellations can be done in a group workshop setting, or in an individual private session.

Group Workshops


How does it work?

After a seeker identifies an issue they would like to address, we'll have a brief discussion to clarify the issue and any known family history that might be underlying. As the facilitator, I will then have the seeker intuitively set up other group members as representatives for people in the seeker's family system that may be involved in the issue at hand.

Then, we wait. Impulses will start to arise in the representatives, and as we follow these impulses, the constellation will reveal hidden dynamics at play in the family system such as entanglements, misplaced loyalties, or family secrets, which can be brought to light and resolved within the constellation. As the seeker witnesses and participates in the healing movements inside the constellation, they gain insight and freedom both unconsciously and consciously.

Who can attend?

You do not need to have prior experience with constellations work in order to attend a workshop.


If you wish to set your own constellation as a seeker, please register at least five days before the workshop so you have time to do some research into your family history.

If you wish to attend as a representative, you will likely participate in all constellations set during the workshop. Representatives often report having their own profound healing simply by participating in others' constellations.

Although these workshops are held in a group setting, they are highly confidential. 

Cost to Attend:

Seekers (max 3 per workshop): $150

Representatives: $40


No workshops are currently scheduled.

Please check back in July 2020.


Individual Sessions


Constellations can be set in a private session as well, and are sometimes preferred when a client can't attend a workshop, or wants to work on a particularly upsetting issue that would feel too vulnerable to address in a group setting.

We'll start a brief discussion about the issue at hand, and your family history. Then we'll work together to identify and disentangle from inherited traumas that have been causing difficulties in your life. The constellation will help us to resolve entanglements, creating new insights and shifts on the soul level that will help free you to live the life you want to live.


120-minute session: $350

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, I am currently offering constellations at a reduced rate of $175 per session.

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