Success Stories

Here's what clients have to say...

"With Maggie's knowledge and guidance, my partner and I have been able to show each other more understanding and kindness. She has been extremely warm, patient and knowledgeable throughout all of our sessions. She creates a safe environment that allows us to be emotionally vulnerable that facilitates our healing and growth. Her dedication to helping us develop the tools needed to navigate difficult situations has been very beneficial to our relationship." ~ J.L.

"Working with Maggie has been one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. I've never really found someone I've felt so comfortable being this vulnerable with so that just speaks volumes to Maggie's compassion, non-judgment, and space she holds for her clients. I've had so many breakthroughs in our sessions and have really grown so much in my own self-awareness. Maggie has helped me through some really dark times and has also helped me stay grounded enough to continue growing my business even through those dark times, including dealing with a terrible illness. It's been such a gift to have found Maggie - I never want to let her go!" ~ A.D.


"Things have actually been going really good! I’ve been using your suggestions and holding my boundaries and it’s been working. I’ve been able to say what I want and not spiral into a huge fight or worry over my relationship they way I was before. Thanks for all of your help!" ~ C.G.

"I rarely say that something is 'life changing' but there are a few exceptions. Brainspotting and the work I did, guided by Maggie Hollinbeck absolutely changed the course of my life and helped me to lead a life that feels like my own. For many years, I spent the majority of my day living in my anxiety-driven mind, feeling trapped inside. My anxiety ruled over me and I grew accustomed to identifying with it, labeling myself as someone "with" anxiety, as if it were an unchangeable part of who I am. I am writing this now, after having worked with Maggie for six months and I can truly say that through brain-spotting, I fully separated myself from those feelings of anxiety and started to explore so much more of what makes me an actual person instead of focusing on what I deemed as permanent. Maggie helped give me my life back after so many years of feeling lost. From navigating through insecurities, uncertainty, self confidence, crippling anxiety and even chronic body pain, she can help you through anything and she always does it with compassion and kindness." ~ K.C.

"Maggie has such a gentle and soothing manner. In our sessions, she quietly tunes in and then reflects back intuitive insights about my situation that I hadn’t considered before. She has this ability to calm my whole nervous system and bring me new clarity about next steps. And her guidance has been spot on." ~ S.G.

"When I began working with Maggie I had a couple issues I wanted to address and I was able to make more progress in a few months working with Maggie than I ever could have imagined possible based on my prior experience with more traditional ‘talk’ therapies. I felt completely at ease working with Maggie right from day one and she did a great job of teaching me, guiding me and helping me develop a deeper understanding of who I am and internalize approaches to self-care and healing." - A. J.


"Maggie has been an unbelievable, unwavering support system throughout my journey this last year. Before I started working with Maggie, I defined self-care as rest, reading, massages and the occasional bubble bath; Maggie has not only helped me reframe the meaning of self-care, but has helped me put it into practice. We have worked through meditation techniques, journaling prompts, ways I can parent myself, ways I can show myself compassion and love — and when I fall off the bandwagon, Maggie has been there to help me understand why, to dig deeper, to welcome the thoughts and the emotions, and to restart. She does this with unparalleled compassion, without judgement, and always - with patience. She listens intently, she engages in meaningful discussion and always keeps me in the driver’s seat. Her guided brainspotting has been a gift I didn’t know I needed. It has been one of the most valuable self-care tools I have been exposed to to date. Most importantly, Maggie has created a safe space for me to be unapologetically me. I have immense respect and gratitude for Maggie’s professionalism, her skill set, her compassion, and her persistent efforts in supporting me to be curious, rather than judgmental, of my mental state and well being. I could not recommend Maggie highly enough.  She has truly been a gift." ~ A.R.

"I am extremely pleased with the services offered by Maggie Hollinbeck. I started working with her a bit over a year ago at a very low, lonely and transitional moment in my life.  Even from the beginning, her professionalism and flexibility to offer virtual sessions and accommodate my schedule has been seamless and refreshing. Maggie is very knowledgeable, kind, insightful, compassionate and easy to talk to. She also takes the time to explain important things in detail and offers useful suggestions. In addition, Maggie asks thought provoking questions to get me to think outside of the box and provides tools and practice exercises to help me stay on track in between sessions.  Overall, Maggie has been a great support for me during these challenging times and I am so deeply thankful to her!" ~ N.P.