Intuitive Tarot Consultation


Tarot is a powerful tool that helps the seeker gain insight and information from the personal unconscious, collective unconscious, and the Spirit World. The cards can give you clarity, direction and focus on a question or situation that has been difficult to navigate on your own.

I have been consulting with the Tarot for over 20 years on a personal level, and over time have developed a deep relationship with the archetypes and esoteric stories the cards hold. Combining this tool with my background in depth psychology and spiritual counseling, an intuitive reading of the cards will help you see your issue in a new light, gain insight into the situation, and identify actions you can take to steer toward the life you want.


This work is ideal for all sorts of issues such as:

  • relationship difficulties

  • personal growth

  • career or business transitions

  • financial challenges

  • decision-making difficulties

  • lack of clarity about any situation

All sessions take place via Zoom or phone.

Please visit my Policies page for rates and booking.

Image by Kayla Maurais
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"Never has a tarot reading seemed to flow so naturally out of its reader. Maggie has an inherent instinct for a grounded interpretation of the cards that helps comfort her client and build an immediate trust. I felt compelled to share and ask questions, and Maggie was with me every step of the way." ~ Devon, New York

“Maggie is a special spirit that can both inspire and intuit your inner most wonderings. As a reader, she is loving, specific, perceptive and collaborative. Maggie illuminated a path on which I had been traveling and stumbling in the dark. I am thankful for her light.”

~ Shannon, New York