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A Prayer for Today's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

As we celebrate our "independence" here in the US today, we are confronted by the ways that word has rung hollow for many Americans, for many, many years. What is normally a full-out howling celebration is tempered today by the revealing of the shadow that is also America. What a painful blessing.

Today I offer up a prayer.

May this moment be a maturing.

May the brash young arrogance that has been America give way to a humbler, wiser iteration of itself.

May we continue striving toward the best of what we can be, by looking square in the eye the most destructive of our blind spots and saying, there, there is a wound that must be cleaned out and healed.

May we be the healing.

May we not turn away.

May we bow to it all, include it all, acknowledge it all, and may we alchemize.

Correct our course.

Recover our spiritual compass and heal.

Happy Fourth, beloved.

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

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