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Case Study: Tarot + Dowsing = OMG!

I recently did a reading for a client who has a LOT of change going on in her life at the moment. During our reading the Star showed up as a resource card. "OMG, the Star! I get that card all the time. That's me!"

While the Star traditionally represents hope and optimism, my intuition nudged me to focus on the Star's comfort inside her own body. Bullseye! My client opened up about long-standing negative and confusing internal messages about her body and sexuality. We looked to the rest of the cards for actions she can take in the coming weeks to relate to herself with more gentleness and fierce compassion. She found the reading to be helpful and enlightening.

For about an hour afterward, I kept getting intuitive hits to do some dowsing to clear some of the old energy that she mentioned during the reading, and the hits became so insistent that I finally sat down, energetically checked with my client for permission, and spent about 20 minutes clearing these energies from her system.

(A few notes about this: Dowsing like most energy work is easily done from a distance and, in a lot of cases, can be even more effective than an in-person clearing because our energies aren't co-mingling in the room together. In my experience, if the person isn't receptive to the work then it'll simply have no effect, but I always check for permission before proceeding. And if I get a hit like this, after a session is over, I consider it gratis. I never charge someone for extra work I feel called to do.)

Later that evening she texted to thank me again for the session and I mentioned the post-session dowsing. "OMG!" She texted. She shared that a few hours after our reading, she suddenly dropped into her sexual energy and had a great afternoon of connection and intimacy with her partner. It was a surprise to her because she'd not felt that way in a long time. "I'm SO grateful!"

I do not claim to know what caused this shift in her, nor do I take responsibility for it. Perhaps something in the reading empowered her to consciously follow a new impulse. Maybe the dowsing cleared enough old energy to allow her to make a new choice. Of course it's entirely possible that the afternoon would have gone the same way whether or not we'd had a session! What matters most to me is that she got relief, and a new freedom where she'd been feeling stuck for some time.

Case studies are published with client permission, and with identifiers withheld or changed to protect confidentiality. Results vary for a variety of reasons. Intuitive consulting does not provide medical, psychological, financial, or legal advice and appropriate referrals for additional support will be made when such a need arises.

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