• Tending the Soul

Full Moon in Aquarius: High-Intensity Lessons

I'm gonna be honest: I've been feeling a bit worn down by the intense energies manifesting as the current sociopolitical climate. Every day seems to pack a wallop, and as we head into the election home stretch with a pandemic and an uprising stirring the waters, I don't see it letting up anytime soon!

When the intensity gets high like this, my top two tools for self-care are to spend less time on social media, and to get out into nature and into my body more often. So I've been doing a lot of both -- of course, that makes it hard to stay connected with you as much, and I am always recalibrating along this edge.

If you've been struggling lately, I hope you know what nourishes you and what drains you -- and that you are recalibrating accordingly so that you can keep showing up in whatever way best serves you. What is it? Nature? Friends? Music? Writing? Art? Baking? Whatever feeds your soul, give yourself a heaping helping so you can stay balanced in the face of the rising energies.

Here's a little shot of nature, from a recent hike. See if it softens your shoulders. I hope so.

Can you feel the cool shade? Can you hear the running brook? See the hummingbirds buzzing around the oak branches? Soak it in. Let it love and feed you.

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