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Full Moon in Sagittarius: Beyond Victim/Perpetrator Duality

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Note: I delayed this blog post after much meditation; last Monday I committed to mute myself on social media for a week and to amplify BIPOC voices instead. It seemed disingenuous to break ranks in order to blog about the full moon, so I chose instead to send it out today. Full Moon energy usually lasts 3 days on either side of its peak, so I'm just eking in!

Last Friday we had the Full Moon in Sagittarius, along with a lunar eclipse -- the beginning of eclipse season. Eclipses symbolize something hidden from view, hidden from the light. Historically, eclipses have been viewed as harbingers of major events, and in 2020 we have 6 eclipses instead of the average of 4 per year. Who's gonna say this hasn't been a challenging year?

The first eclipse of the year happened January 10th which, in hindsight, marked the beginning of the pandemic. That was the week when Taiwan sent a team of scientists to mainland China to assess the outbreak; the team returned and advised the country's leaders to shut the country down. They did. Taiwan has had 430 confirmed cases and 7 deaths. Would that our government had followed the same approach.

Friday's eclipse marked a weekend of huge, worldwide civil rights demonstrations crying for racial justice. It's also the first of three happening in a row -- a triple whammy, with a solar eclipse coming June 21st and another lunar eclipse on July 4th. Hold on to your hats.

As New Moon energy is a time of seeding and calling in what we desire, Full Moon energy is a time of releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves. The cards I pulled for this full moon definitely spoke to me of letting go of one of the most potent and stubborn energies I've encountered in our culture.

Letting Go: Beyond Victim/Perpetrator Duality

I first encountered the victim/perpetrator dynamic in Family Constellation Work, a powerful type of healing that incorporates modern psychology principles with ancient tribal and shamanic healing ritual. Where there's a victim, there's a perpetrator. One needs the other in order to exist, right? Constellation work reveals that energetically, the victim will eventually become the perpetrator and the perpetrator will take on the victim role, and then they'll swap again. Flip. Flip. Flip. This is how victim/perpetrator energy persists. It also persists inside of us.

Can't you see it at play over the last couple of weeks? Have you noticed how hard the current administration has tried to flip the narrative, to portray peaceful protesters as perpetrators of violence and unlawful behavior in order to justify its aggression? How police in Buffalo have banded together inside of the victim role when two of their own were called out on perpetrating violence against an unarmed 75-year-old? How quickly we white folks flip to victim mode when called out on our unearned privilege and the ways it perpetrates injustice for people of color?

Oh gosh, I could go on and on. Because it goes on and on. One needs the other. They trade places. They throw stones. Without a victim, the perpetrator is just...doing what she's doing. Without a perpetrator, the victim is just...experiencing what she's experiencing. Interesting how the energy drops when you step outside of the dynamic, eh? Notice the phrase "Black Lives Matter". Notice the absence of victim or perpetrator energy. Lots of people would like to slap those energies onto it, but if you just stand in the energy of the phrase you'll see, it has neither. It's just truth. And either you agree or you don't. And that says everything it needs to say.

I drew three cards for this full moon, and as I am a white woman centered inside of the current moment and committed to being a part of the solution, that is the lens for the reading.

The Eight of Wands is a card of swift action, and reversed says -- just stop already. Slow down. We have a tendency to go into flurries of action when we become aware of something out of joint in the society. Post on social media! Buy books! Donate money! Read a million articles! I'm not saying not to do these things. I'm just saying, slow down. It's a marathon, not a sprint. We are not cramming for some racial justice exam. We will not acquire in three days the knowledge we wish we'd been gathering for the last four or six or twenty or fifty or four hundred years.

Ground yourself in your most humble seat of empowerment like the King of Pentacles. There is power inside of humility. Not humiliation; that's for victims. Humility. Own your shame without letting it become an excuse for not doing the work. Breathe. Ahhhhhh. Now. Do the work. Every day. The biggest cake still has to be eaten a bite at a time.

And of course, the biggest part of the work is internal, right? Hello, Devil. The Devil speaks to attachments and addictions that keep us bound, and in reverse those attachments are on the inner plane, so intend this full moon to release thoughts, beliefs, and constructs that keep you stuck in the old energies that are begging to be released. Step beyond the victim/perpetrator double bind. Notice where you are feeling attracted and where you are feeling repulsed. What if you could release both the pulling in and the pushing away? Then you'd just be standing. In true presence. With clear vision. Over the next couple of weeks, notice when you feel the pull and the push. Stop. Name it. Set it aside. Observe it. Release it. Notice how in the absence of it, all there is, is pure presence. And from there, not in reaction toward or against anything, but in the clear space of presence, we can create a new world.

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