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Mabon Blessings: Clearing + Creating Space for New Adventures

Blessings to you, beloved!

Today is the Autumnal Equinox, known in Celtic spiritual practice as Mabon or the Second Harvest. It's the time of year when the fields yield up the rest of their abundant gifts. In this turning of the seasons we look toward winter. We gather the abundant good, clear the field of what no longer serves, and create space for the quieter adventures and celebrations of the winter months. 

I love this time of year: the crisp air, the trees and vines bursting with delicious, hearty food that keeps well through the fallow months. I'm always brought right back to 4th grade, my first month in a new school, surrounded by construction paper apples and cardstock cornucopias, the promise of fragrant cool mornings, and kicking holes in the low fog that settled on the fields where we played in between classes. 

This time of year I find myself naturally falling into simple, everyday rituals. I'll be watchingPractical Magicand Dead Poets' Societyat least once a piece during the season. I'll be baking at least one pumpkin pie from scratch, just because. I might bake bread, even though I recently went low-carb again. It's Fall! Bread is a celebration of the grain and the harvest and everything about it speaks the season to me.

Fall is tactile, it's about comfort, about slowing down and grounding myself in the gifts of the Earth as She moves from Maiden (Spring) to Mother (Summer) to Crone (Winter). Some modern women on the Goddess path have given Autumn its own archetype -- in between the Mother and the Crone is the Queen, the sovereign, mature, fully integrated woman who rules her realm with clarity, creativity, and decisiveness. Especially for those who, like myself, have chosen not to have children but to be a Mother in other ways (to mother the planet, or creative projects, etc.) the Queen archetype can help us to feel complete in our journey from Maidenhood to Cronehood.

Want to go deeper with this? Check out this great article from the Jungian Genealogy website by Iona Miller. 

Queen Readings + Transformational Work

The autumn equinox is a perfect time to check in with yourself and your guides, to see what most needs your attention during the coming season. I offer two packages to guide you through your Queen season:

Transformational Tarot reading:

In this 1-hour session we'll consult with your guides and inner wisdom through the Tarot to see what messages are ready to come through, where you can best focus your energies, and who you most want to be in your Queendom.

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Transformational Coaching package:

A series of 3 hour-long sessions where you can deep-dive with me how the coming season is unfolding for you. We'll release limiting beliefs that may be clouding your truth, freeing you up to live powerfully as Who You Really Are.

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All sessions are offered on a sliding scale from $90-150 per hour, in order to make my services accessible to as many as possible. For more information please visit my new Rates + Policies page.

I know we are living through a time of unprecedented challenges, and, I'm here to remind you of the power and love thatisyou, that you have access to in this and every moment. Together we are stronger than anything facing us. 

Sending you so much love,

Maggie xo

Both photos: Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland series

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