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New Moon in Gemini: The Stillpoint of the High Priestess

Today’s New Moon is in Gemini. There are so many wonderful astrologers out there who can tell you all about it! I’m not an astrologer, but I love New Moon energy for the symbolism of fresh starts, setting intentions, and increasing energy. I do peek at my chart every now and then to see what I can see, and when I peeked earlier this week I couldn’t help but notice that all the planets are crowded into half of the sky at the moment. Check out this chart:

(Transits -- where the planets are right now -- are the green symbols on the outside of the circle.)

For some reason that picture seems to be the aspect of this cosmic moment that’s capturing my interest. A long time ago I was training in the use of Active Imagination, a Jungian technique for accessing the unconscious mind. After guiding my training partner through a meditation, she had drawn a picture of what came to her. My teacher instructed me to look for the bizarre element in the drawing. While I focused on the half of the page was busy and full of symbols, she pointed me toward the other half of the page. “Why is this half blank?” The bizarre element. That’s what I’m reminded of when I look at this chart.

The energies of the next couple of weeks are likely to be rough. With the New Moon in Gemini, there’s a fury of conflicting ideas and people are likely to be somewhat quick to speak without much thought of how they might affect others. We’re also stuck pretty rudderless as the pandemic continues to run its course.

Activate Your High Priestess

The energy that wants to activate during this tumultuous period of imbalance and cacophony is the High Priestess. Go inward. Seat yourself firmly in your power and wisdom. Notice how she sits so calmly between the two pillars, between the energies of opposites (card on the left, from the deck I use to read for others, Universal Waite). She’s an oracle, firmly in possession of her inner mysteries with no need to guard or be anxious (card on the right, from the deck I use to read my own cards, the Wild Unknown). She’s guided by the moon, the unconscious, the feminine.

Now is a great time to set your intention to stay centered in your power, to ground in to internal practices and self-care, and to be protective of your energy. Share yourself with discernment. Not everyone has proven themselves worthy of your depths. Sit in the deepest truth of who you are and ask yourself, who can I trust with this depth? You might think of a few people, or even just one. You might find it’s only yourself at this point. Trust that.

The New Moon is a time of increase, a time to seed new intentions and nurture them as they grow within us. How would you like to nurture your own High Priestess energy? How can you find your seat of quiet and self-assured power amidst the twin energies of cacophonous prattle and rudderless silence?

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