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New Moon Update: Stand in the Fire

Today we welcome the New Moon in fiery Leo. The astrologers I follow are all remarking on the heat that is building right now, a heat which isn't likely to let up anytime soon. (For a great rundown of the astrological aspects at play, check out my friend Erin Reese's blog post.)

In the early hours this morning I was meditating on all this fire energy, and the image of a fired ceramic vessel came into my field. The potter envisions the new form and shapes the clay, but it's the blasting heat of the kiln that transforms it.

We have to be willing to stand in the fire.

The new moon is a time to call in what you'd like to see in your life and in the world. During this cycle, expect to be put through a spiritual kiln. Think of it as a purification. Let it burn away anything which is not true. Let it burn anything that can't support your vision. List your fears, your doubts, the ways you self-sabotage your dreams. Burn the list. Let this fiery moment test your resilience, and lean into faith that your Higher Power has made you strong enough to withstand it. Strong enough to hold the dream you're bringing forth. Strong enough to become the white hot light of who you really are.

Photo by Vadim Sadovski on Unsplash

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