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New Moon: What are you calling into being?

We're on the cusp of the New Moon, beloved. It's an auspicious time, especially in the darker months. Preparing for the New Moon feels like whispering a prayer into my hands, rubbing them together, and releasing the dark-shimmering dust of my dream into the winds of manifestation.

We're calling our future into being, into the now into which we're living.

What do you want to be living into right now?

Photo credit: Alice Alinari on Unsplash

I'm deep in preparation (and conversation) for my deep autumn e-course, Waking the Queen.

It's amazing how, when you spend conscious time and energy with an archetype, the archetype comes alive in you. As I steep myself in the qualities of the Queen -- integration of head and heart, self-mastery, embodied leadership, Feminine power, responsibility for resources and handling of abundance -- I find myself handling what comes my way, as the Queen of my life. I'm showing up to my work, my relationships, and my vision with more power and balance.

Between now and the next Full Moon (which will arrive on my favorite holiday in the Wheel of the Year, Samhain), I'm drawing down the Queen in through my crown and into my heart. I'm calling her into being. Into my being. Integrating her qualities. Calling forth my Queen self.

Samhain will mark the eve before we Wake the Queen together. Seven luscious weeks of exploration and awakening the Queen in every aspect of our lives -- during what is likely to be a very challenging period in our collective history. Can you imagine a world where every woman has full access to the Queen within her?

Let's call her in together. I would love for you to join me.

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