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My primary goal as a therapist and coach is to help you become your most empowered, resourceful, and resilient self -- knowing that you can handle whatever life brings your way and that you can create the life you want to have.


I treat trauma using a mind/body approach, and have extensive training in integrative modalities such as EFT, Brainspotting, DBT, AIT, and Reiki. Trauma is stored in the body, so if you're looking to recover from trauma it's crucial to find someone who works with mind and body together. As you heal, you'll move from recovery into stability, then into growth and transformation. I'm honored to walk beside you.

Our work together will be collaborative and centered on your goals and intentions. I am not an expert on your life or how to live it. I do have a robust toolbox that helps me to walk with you and be a guide to help you move toward the life you want to be living, and to deal with whatever might be holding you back. You're in charge of the direction and pace.

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All sessions take place via Zoom or phone.

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