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This fall, join me and a gorgeous group of women as we explore the qualities of the Queen, and bring her to life inside you, in every realm of your life. Combining wisdom from Jungian psychology, psychoenergetic healing, and women's spirituality, this will be a rich journey into the depths of the Queen archetype and what it means to be a Queen in your life.
How does the course work?
Waking the Queen is a 7-week course, delivered entirely by email so you can tend to the material at your own pace throughout each week.
Every Sunday from November 1 - December 13, 2020, you'll receive an email including:
Video: Each week I'll join you in a video to explore the focus for that week. Sometimes I'll be joined by a guest -- someone I know who embodies the Queen and has wisdom and experience to share.
Inquiry Worksheet: You'll receive a series of questions you can explore at your own pace; set aside an hour or two as a sort of personal retreat, or take a question a day and explore it for just a few minutes. Your choice!
Guided Meditation: I'll guide you through a meditation where you can spend time with the Queen that already resides in you. 
Each week's offerings should take around an hour, more or less depending on how much time you spend with the inquiry worksheet.
Your Guide
Maggie Hollinbeck, M.A., LMFT is a holistic
psychotherapist and transformational coach.
Her work blends psychology, energy work, healing,
and spiritual wisdom traditions. She has been
exploring the Queen archetype for years through
her studies in Jungian psychology, energy healing
work, tarot, meditation, and goddess spiritual
wisdom teachings. Maggie is also a professional
actress + musician, a realm of her life where she
consciously and regularly conjures her Queen.
Throughout the course we'll explore different aspects of the Queen and how you can bring her forward in your life in a different life area each week. The course will follow this format:
Week 1: Introduction, and overview of the Queen archetype
Week 2: Waking the Queen in Work/Career
Week 3: Waking the Queen in Financial Life
Week 4: Waking the Queen in Intimate Relationships (current or future)
Week 5: Waking the Queen Mother (and Raising Queens, if you have them)
Week 6: Waking the Queen in Your Work in the World (social activism)
Week 7: Balancing the Queen with her Sister Archetypes: Maiden, Mother + Crone
Guest Interviews
Maggie will be joined by some incredible women, to deepen the exploration for us all. Guests include Havana James, Sandy TaylorS. Sequoia Stafford, Erin ReeseRima Bonario, Jill Doneen, Sarah Greenman, and more.
Your investment for this nourishing and empowering exploration is only $79
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